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Caring for your new floor – Laminate

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Just like our LVT and vinyl flooring, you need to do a couple of simple things to make sure that it gives you the beauty and long life you’re looking for.

  • Use protective pads on furniture – to avoid scratches, just stick protective pads to the feet of your furniture.
  • Lift furniture, don’t drag – it’s good advice for any flooring type. Dragging furniture can damage the floor, so always lift if you can.
  • Use castor protectors – for sofas, chairs, pianos, and other furniture with castor feet, buy some castor protectors. These are little discs that your castors sit on and help to prevent dents and damage to the floor.
  • Look after high-traffic areas – these are the places where flooring often gets damaged. Using mats or rugs can help to extend the life of your laminate flooring.
  • Clear spills quickly – laminate flooring shouldn’t get wet. You can clean it with a microfibre cloth, or a dusting-style mop, but clean up any water or spills immediately to protect the integrity of the flooring.

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