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EcoSense – the future of carpets

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Carpet Next Day

by Admin on the

Proud to be involved in the of Future Fabrics in Sustainable Flooring. This groundbreaking carpet range takes a bold step towards eco-conscious living, placing sustainability at the forefront of interior design. At the heart of EcoSense lies the Avondale collection, a testament to Furlong Flooring’s commitment to sustainability. Crafted from 100% recycled polypropylene, Avondale challenges preconceptions surrounding carpet materials.


Polypropylene, often overlooked in discussions of recyclability, takes centre stage in the Avondale range, proving that this versatile material can contribute significantly to a sustainable future. Its 2-Ply yarn construction combines style with environmental mindfulness, offering a sophisticated aesthetic while championing eco-conscious living.

EcoSense champions a shift in the industry, showcasing that polypropylene can be a responsible choice for carpets. Moth-proof, bleach cleanable, and supported by a 7-year warranty, the Avondale range ensures durability without compromising on eco-friendly principles. As we envision the future of fabrics, Furlong Flooring’s EcoSense emerges as a beacon of innovation, challenging norms and setting a new standard for sustainable living in the world of interior design.

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